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  • 10 States Where Foreclosure Is a Huge Problem

    Foreclosure activity in the U.S. declined 9.39% from February 2014 to February 2015, with one in every 1,295 housing units in some stage of foreclosure last month. That’s the lowest the national foreclosure rate has been since...

    • Posted March 26, 2015
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  • The 10 States With the Most Money Stress

    Among the many reasons Hawaii would be a pleasant place to live, people there are pretty content with their financial situations. Living on the Hawaiian islands is by no means cheap — it costs a lot to...

    • Posted February 24, 2015
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  • My Springleaf Financial, Regional Finance and Time Financing Loans are More Than I Can Handle

    “Dear Steve, Fell behind on light bill so in order to keep lights on took out a personal loan, then couldn’t pay that one so applied for another small loan same thing- now have three loans not...

    • Posted January 8, 2015
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  • Return-A-Pet Scam Preys On Victims Of Lost Pets

    It’s annual pet scammer week! That’s a lie. But it sure feels like it. Eric Stein was charged with running an investment scam through Return-A-Pet LLC. Return-A-Pet was a New York company that allegedly facilitated the return...

    • Posted January 27, 2012
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  • Raleigh Native Indicted In Connection With Fraud And Extortion

    The former President of Encap Golf Holdings LLC (“Encap”), William Gauger III, was indicted this week for his participation in a scheme to extort approximately $100,000 from a financial consultant and a fraudulent invoicing scheme relating to...

    • Posted January 25, 2012
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  • North Carolina Calls Consumer Law Group Bogus in Settlement Announcement

    It appears an issue with North Carolina and Consumer Law Group finally came to an end. You can read past stories about Consumer Law Group here. What was most interesting about the Consumer Law Group action North...

    • Posted January 25, 2012
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  • Holy Fraud, Batman! Literally…

    Yesterday, an Ohio resident was indicted for allegedly engaging in a fraud scheme that promised to fund more than $500 million in mortgage loans to around 20 churches and a dozen small businesses across the country. The...

    • Posted January 6, 2012
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  • It’s A Hard Knock Life For Mortgage Fraudsters

    For my generation the term “Hard Knocks” cannot be mentioned without the memorable image and sound of Jay-Z’s “ghetto anthem” rendition of “It’s A Hard Knock Life” from the play Annie. My personal favorite lyric and image...

    • Posted December 14, 2011
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  • $78 Million Mortgage Fraud “Dream Home” Scheme Owner Convicted

    Andrew Hamilton Williams, Jr., was convicted last week in Maryland of fraud conspiracy, wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering in connection to a massive mortgage fraud scheme. The scheme, entitled “Metro Dream Homes” promised to...

    • Posted November 14, 2011
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  • Chimney Sweep Scams Sweeping The Country

    You know, I moved to the South in an attempt to prolong warm weather enjoyment and avoid winter and cold weather, however, this year like many others I’ve found an early winter and cold autumn nights. In...

    • Posted November 2, 2011
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  • Former Chief Accountant Of Beazer Homes Convicted Of Fraud

    Last Friday former chief accounting officer, Michael Rand, for Beazer Homes was convicted for seven crimes relating to an accounting fraud conspiracy at Beazer over a seven year time span along with document destruction and obstruction of...

    • Posted November 2, 2011
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  • North Carolina Man Is Seventh Convicted Of $40 Million Black Diamond Ponzi Scheme

    It was announced last week that Bryan Keith Coats of Clayton, North Carolina plead guilty to his role in connection with the Black Diamoind Ponzi Scheme Investigation that resulted in a $40 million investment fraud conspiracy. Coats...

    • Posted November 1, 2011
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  • A Double Dose Of Commodities Scams In North Carolina

    Two completely separate men were charged in two completely separate Ponzi schemes in one completely same city of Charlotte, North Carolina on September 23, 2011. Both defendants plead guilty to commodities fraud. Apparently they both promised victims...

    • Posted October 6, 2011
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  • Credit Counseling North Carolina

    Credit Counseling North Carolina Here in North Carolina, like many other states the availability of finding good credit counseling assistance is confusing. People need help trying to figure out where to turn for help but who can...

    • Posted June 25, 2011
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  • Man Unable To Afford Medical Attention Robs Bank For $1 To Seek Medical Attention In Jail

    Earlier this month about 20 miles west of Charlotte, North Carolina in Gastonia, North Carolina an RBC Bank was robbed on 500 S. New Hope Road. This is no ordinary robbery. Suspect, 59-year-old James Richard Verone entered...

    • Posted June 23, 2011
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  • Giving Back When Money is Tight

    Last weekend a nasty tornado ripped through my town of Raleigh, NC. Many of you undoubtably heard about this nasty cyclone on the news, reported to have been 4 miles wide and continue for roughly 96 miles....

    • Posted April 21, 2011
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  • Texas Attorney General Office Speaks Up to FTC to Please Ban Advance Fees

    In a recent article I covered how debt settlement trade associations had returned to the FTC to make their pitch that banning advance fees for debt settlement services was a rotten idea. You can read that article...

    • Posted June 25, 2010
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  • North Carolina Stops Foreclosure Scam by US Consumer Solutions and The Lamb Group

    A Kannapolis, North Carolina foreclosure rescue operation is barred from collecting any money from consumers for foreclosure assistance or loan modifications, Attorney General Roy Cooper announced Friday. [As you read this remember that US Consumer Solutions and...

    • Posted December 4, 2009
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