• Mass AG and Bar Association Lead Way to Help Student Loan Debtors File Bankruptcy

    This recent release from the Massachusetts Attorney General office caught my eye. Wow! What makes this announcement so refreshing for me is it directly speaks back to all those lawyers and consumers who incorrectly insist there are...

    • Posted January 29, 2018
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  • Massachusetts One Step Closer to Regulating Debt Settlement

    Collections & Credit Risk is reporting the State of Massachusetts is a step closer to regulate for-profit debt settlement companies operating in the state. Debt settlement companies would have to disclose their fees and create a budget...

    • Posted August 23, 2013
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  • Another Adoption Scam?!? Come On…

    Roxanne Janel Jones, of Kansas City, had pleaded guilty to running an adoption scam where she pretended to be pregnant with twins and willing to let them be adopted in return for money and gifts. Jones pleaded...

    • Posted December 5, 2011
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  • Three Plea Not Guilty In Skimming Scam Across Southern New England

    Three New York residents were charged last week with an indictment charging them with conspiracy, bank fraud and identity theft offenses related to an alleged participation in an ATM “skimming” scheme across southern New England. Gabriela Graham...

    • Posted November 30, 2011
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  • 27 Year Old Charged With Wire Fraud

    Locust Offshore Management and Locus Offshore Fund operator Andrey Hicks was charged last week in a complaint with wire fraud at the ripe, young age of 27. The complaint alleges that since March 2011, Hicks has obtained...

    • Posted November 2, 2011
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