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Option One Financial stopped paying an agreed settlement. – R

I am in a debt settlement program with Option One Financial.

For the last year or so, money has been deducted from my personal account to a third-party account.

I signed off on a settlement in September and payments were made for three months.

This last December, a representative from one of my creditors called and said that as of December, they were not able to reach my negotiator at Option One.

After 3 weeks, my negotiator called back and said that he would make arrangements for my payment to be made. The payment was never made, Option One is still collecting from my personal account and not paying my settlement.

I have already made arrangements with this creditor ALL ON MY OWN.

Here is my question: The law group that I signed up with subcontracted the negotiating services of Option One. In my agreement, I can cancel at anytime “without penalty”. Does that mean I would still owe them (law group) the full amount for “their services” even though I am now having to do the foot-work myself?


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  • Now there is a very unfortunate situation.

    First off, who is the third party escrow company you are working with?

    Do you have any other debts Option One Financial is working on for you?

    Who is the law firm you contracted with?

    Have you ed the law firm for answers?


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